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Think Spring and CherryFlex

April 10, 2011 | Posted by admin

Another busy week at the FruitFast Store as finally Spring just might have arrived.  We can definitely tell that people are starting to move around more and tackle all those projects out-of-doors! It has to be the reason customers are clamoring for CherryFlex to help maintain flexibility and joint health* and help ease sore muscles*. […]

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Reach for the CherryFlex

September 17, 2010 | Posted by admin

Promoting healthy living is the mantra we live by here at Brownwood Acres/ FruitFast.  We are committed to helping our customers live better, more productive lives with help from FruitFast ‘s super fruit products. No matter what your exercise level might be – minimally active or not at all, only once or twice a week, […]

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Perfect Season for Good, Healthy Eating

August 25, 2010 | Posted by admin

This being harvest time is the perfect reason – and season – to be taking care of yourself and eating well.  Whether it’s corn on the cob, flavorful vine-ripened tomatoes, juicy, sweet peaches, plums and berries, the selection is endless. There’s just no excuse not to eat fresh and eat locally produced fruits and vegetables.  […]

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Exercise is Good for You – And So is CherryFlex

July 22, 2010 | Posted by admin

Some exercise gurus say “If it hurts, it’s helping.” According to WebMD.com, that statement is often true. “Muscle soreness is a natural outcome of any kind of physical activity,” says Rick Sharp, professor of exercise physiology at Iowa State University in Ames.  Especially when that activity is strenuous and new to the body. Exercise experts […]

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CherryFlex ProSport Shots Score High

April 9, 2010 | Posted by admin

Our newest CherryFlex product – ProSport Shots – has customers, like Charles M. from Santa Monica, California asking for more! “WOW!  I just received my order of CherryFlex,” he emailed. “The flavor takes me back to my childhood – growing up in my father’s orchards in upstate New York.  I loved the “Pie Cherries” because […]

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Dried Fruit Savings for the Holidays

November 16, 2009 | Posted by admin

The Holidays are right around the corner and here at Brownwood Acres/ FruitFast we want to help with your planning and cooking for healthy eating and entertaining this season! An easy and delicious way to add interest and taste to the standard Thanksgiving meal is the addition of premium dried fruit.  Try adding Montmorency dried […]

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