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Dried Blueberries No Sugar Added

August 29, 2019 | Posted by admin

These delicious, no sugar added dried Blueberry beauties are now being offered exclusively by Brownwood Acres. Many of us are looking for no sugar added or sugar-free dried fruit and other food products as a healthy alternative to all the sugar and corn syrup laden foods on the market today. In our humble opinion, there’s just too much of that going around. Now that Brownwood Acres – FruitFast is offering both Unsweetened Dried Blueberries and Unsweetened Dried Cherries our return customers have skyrocketed.

Too many shoppers assume the dried cherries purchased from their local store is not sweetened which is not a safe assumption. That said, many shoppers are accustomed to a lightly sweetened Dried Cherry and actually prefer a small amount tossed in their salads, trail mix or straight out of the bag!

The next time you’re online shopping for sugar-free dried Blueberries or sugar-free dried Cherries call Brownwood Acres Toll-Free at 877.591.3101 as we’re currently offering free shipping on all our Dried Fruit, Fruit Supplements and even our Fruit Juice Concentrates (our Free Shipping offer is for a limited time only).

We look forward to hearing from you soon and wish you the healthiest blessings!

unsweetened dried blueberries, no sugar dried blueberries

The No Sugar Added Dried Blueberries from Brownwood Acres











unsweetened dried cherries, no sugar dried cherries

The Unsweetened Dried Cherries from Brownwood Acres!













Brownwood Acres A 75-year old name you can trust, offering guaranteed products you’ll come back for!


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