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Brownwood Cherry Butter, Cherry BBQ and Kream Mustard

June 8, 2017 | Posted by admin

They’re ba-ack! Brownwood Acres, the originators of Cherry ButterCherry Barbecue SauceKream Mustard and Cherry Salsas is once again creating these classic, memorable products we’ve all been waiting for! Initially handcrafted in “Grandma’s Kitchen” Mary Louise Morse, Grandmother of the current owners of Brownwood Acres,  created one of the most sought after, recognizable spreads in Northern Michigan, that she affectionately named Famous Cherry Butter.

While forging a living from her roadside honey stand (aka the Brownwood Honey House) in the mid-1940’s, Mary Louise created and began sharing her delicious Cherry Butter spread with Friends and Family. From there, it didn’t take long before commercial production was a necessity. Her time-honored, scrumptious combination of Michigan Tart Cherries, spices and a hint of cinnamon has prompted a myriad of proprietors to copy, but never duplicate this timeless classic.

brownwood, cherry butter, famous cherry butter

Brownwood’s Famous Cherry Butter












Soon after, the Famous Kream Mustard was born and single-handedly changed the sales platform of Brownwood Acres. Since its inception, Brownwood has never looked back. Created in the early 1950’s it preceded most all US gourmet style mustards on the market today. With its unique creamy texture, mild sweetness and heated finish, this Extra Special Brownwood Kream Mustard has garnished thousands of happy sandwiches and countless deviled egg and baked bean recipes, producing more smiles than ‘Carter’s got pills’.


kream mustard, brownwood mustard, brownwood's cream mustard

Brownwood’s Famous Kream Mustard












As the Family grew and the business flourished, new recipes began to blossom and the Brownwood Cherry Barbecue Sauce was born. Today, this smoky, sweet, cherry-laden Barbecue Sauce tops our ‘specialty’ best-seller list, and is a must have for most any barbecue or recipe calling for a top quality Barbecue Sauce. Take our customer’s word for it, when we combine black strap molasses with our proprietary spices and local Michigan Tart Cherries, it will put an extraordinarily pleasing flavor stamp on even the pickiest palate. A delicious experience that only our Cherry Barbecue Sauce can deliver. Once you try it, you’ll see why.


brownwood barbecue sauce, cherry barbecue sauch

Brownwood’s Cherry Barbecue Sauce












All that being said, no premium product line could be considered Extra Special without an unparalleled Salsa Dip. So, how would Brownwood re-invent salsa? By using Michigan Tart Cherries of course. Brownwood Acres was the first to produce a salsa without tomatoes but instead used Michigan Tart Cherries for a classic kick that you and your chip won’t forget. How good is the Brownwood Acres Cherry Salsa you ask? In short, “out of this world”, “can’t stop eating it” good. You’ll be the talk of the table at your next party by simply picking up a bag of quality corn chips and offering your unsuspecting guests to take a quick, corn chip dip in the Brownwood Cherry Salsa bowl. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, pour a generous portion over a bar of cream cheese, then surround it with your favorite chips and or crackers and dive in. Now you’re talking!


Cherry salsa, Brownwood salsa, brownwoods famous cherry salsa

Brownwoods Cherry Salsa












If that’s not enough, why not try ramping up the heat a bit with the Brownwood Acres Jalapeno Cherry Salsa? We realize half your friends crave that crazy salsa heat, so we ramped up our Brownwood Cherry Salsa with Jalapenos! This exquisite blend of Michigan Tart Cherries, Peppers, Onions, Jalapenos and spices will put your heat seekers over the edge in delight. Without being too spicy, the Jalapeno Cherry Salsa is the perfect way to kick it up a notch – Bam!

cherry salsa, brownwood cherry salsa, jalapeno cherry salsa

Brownwoods Cherry Jalapeno Salsa












Today the Brownwood legend continues and is 5 generations deep. An honest testament to character, quality, and unequaled products from the great state of (Northern) Michigan! The entire line is truly filled with Northern Michigan icons and a following like no other. At Brownwood Acres, we believe there are two types of people, those that know how delicious the Brownwood Famous Cherry Butter, Cherry Barbecue Sauce, Kream Mustard and Cherry Salsas are and, those who haven’t tried them yet;)

Here’s to your next Family Gathering – Bon Appetit!

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