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Fruit Smoothie Mixes

October 31, 2014 | Posted by admin

Amp up your smoothie with the delicious Fruit Smoothie Mixes from Brownwood Acres/FruitFast! Whether your looking for a tasty antioxidant blast or to support health joint, cardiovascular or brain function, we have you covered in a healthy, delicious way!

Brownwood Acres/FruitFast has been specializing in healthy Fruit Juice Concentrates for over 12 years and we now offer 6 different varieties that can be mixed into any smoothie. Believe me, after drinking countless Fruit Smoothies, I can say with confidence that once you give any of these a try, you will be back for more.

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The Fruit Concentrate Smoothie Mixes from FruitFast – Healthy & Delicious!















Below is a quick list of our 6 Fruit Juice Concentrates, along with the main health advantage and customer testimonial.

Cherry Juice Concentrate Fruit Smoothie Mix
*Supports Healthy Joint Function*
“It really works!” Jony 07/06/13

Blueberry Juice Concentrate Fruit Smoothie Mix
*Supports Healthy Brain Function* 

“If I can ingest a cup of blueberries with every tablespoon that I drink, let’s do it.”  Robert L. 05/16/12

Pomegranate Juice Concentrate Fruit Smoothie Mix
*Supports Health Cardiovascular Function*

“The Pomegranate Juice Concentrate really keeps me going.” Charles S. 08/28/12

Red Raspberry Juice Concentrate Fruit Smoothie Mix
*Supports Healthy Cardiovascular Function*

“Of all your concentrates, this has to be the tastiest!” Edward C. 06/05/12

Cranberry Juice Concentrate Fruit Smoothie Mix
*Helps Maintain Healthy Urinary Tract Function*
“I really enjoy the FruitFast Concentrates. All others I’ve tried contain additives or are imported.  THANK YOU!” Daniel W. 08/28/12

Concord Grape Juice Concentrate Fruit Smoothie Mix
*Contains Resveratrol*

“You have the best tasting grape juice I have ever tasted.”  Marshall P. 09/09/14

In short, we offer 6 single ingredient, Non-GMO, Fruit Juice Concentrates ideal for mixing in your smoothie and, just may be the healthiest addition you’ve ever added.

If you’re searching for a truly healthy Fruit Smoothie Mix, look no further than the Fruit Juice Concentrates from FRUITFAST – Because it’s the real, ‘healthy’ thing!

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