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Non GMO Cherry Juice Concentrate

September 5, 2014 | Posted by admin

At Brownwood Acres/FruitFast we specialize in Non GMO Cherry Juice Concentrate and your next shipment is just a few easy clicks away! We truly enjoy processing and shipping our customer’s orders in record time and we love to hear your supportive feedback and wonderful Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate Testimonials. When ordering Cherry juice Concentrate for health reasons there are a few things you need to consider. We’ve compiled a short list that should help you purchase the right Cherry Juice Concentrate for your health and, clarify some information about this wonderful product.

  • Non-GMO Cherry Juice – Without knowing the long term effects of genetically modified foods, all products offered from Brownwood Acres/FruitFast are GMO free including our Non GMO Cherry Juice Concentrate.
  • Cold Filled Cherry Juice – This is one of the most important yet ‘not often discussed’ points. In order to keep the anthocyanins in your juice healthy, be sure purchase a cold filled product. This means the Juice is not heated when the bottle is filled. Regardless of what any supplier might tell you. Heat filling any juice or Fruit Juice Concentrate will damage its antioxidant value.
  • Certified Kosher Cherry Juice – Our health products are kosher certified through Michigan Kosher Supervisors. We proudly offer 5 different Kosher certified Fruit Juice Concentrates, which include Pomegranate, Wild Blueberry, Red Raspberry, Cranberry and our most popular Tart Cherry.
  • Pure Cherry Juice – Be sure that there is nothing added including water. FruitFast’s cold filled, GMO free Cherry Juice Concentrate contains no preservatives, sweeteners or fillers. Another definitive must for anyone planning to use Tart Cherry Juice for health benefits.
  • Guarantee – Make sure you have a 90-Day Guarantee! We want you to be fully satisfied with your product and we gladly back it with our “no questions asked guarantee”.
  • Customer Service – Before you order, feel free to give us a call and ask any question you might have. We like hearing from our customers and we welcome all inquiries before during and after any purchase you make. Serving you is what we do.
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The Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate from FruitFast














If you’re ready to learn more about America’s #1 Selling Cherry Juice Concentrate click here: http://www.brownwoodacres.com/cherry-juice-concentrate/ or call us Toll Free at 1.877.591.3101 and we’ll get your order of Non GMO Cherry Juice Concentrate shipped out today!

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