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Tart Cherry Concentrate or Black Cherry Juice?

June 26, 2013 | Posted by admin

While many are still wondering if  black cherry juice concentrate is better than Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate for healthy joint support, the answer remains – Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate and, the reasoning goes well beyond taste.

I’m sure the Black Cherry Juice Concentrate (also known as Wild Cherry Juice) contains at least some health properties. However, it is higher in natural sugars than Tart Cherry, has an odd flavor profile and is lacking in clinical support.

Alternatively, years of studies have been piling up on Tart Cherry Juice by many reputable institutions including the University of Michigan, the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Texas Reports on Biology and Medicine, Baylor Research Institute, Winona State University, the list goes on and on.

tart cherry juice, not black cherry juice for joint support

The Naturally Effective Tart Cherry Juice from FruitFast. Not to be confused with Black Cherry Juice Concentrate.














To read a few healthy testimonials from customers already on board with us, go to our Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate Testimonials page by clicking here: Cherry Juice Concentrate Testimonials.

If you’re considering Cherry Juice for Healthy Joints and Natural Sleep Function, be sure to select only Natural Cherry Juice Concentrate from the Nations #1 supplier – FruitFast. With our 90 Day Money Back Guarantee and our Brownwood/FruitFast label, has to be good and we guarantee it.

Naturally effective Cherry Juice from FruitFast. Welcome back to nature.

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