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Tart Cherry Supplement Comparison

September 7, 2012 | Posted by admin

Is it just me or has anyone else notice how much the price of Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate has risen over the past year?

Between marketing campaigns, Dr Oz, newly released tart cherry health studies and most of all a 50% crop loss due to poor pollination in 2011, the price has skyrocketed and is still rising. In fact, word on the street (north east of the Mississippi especially in Northern Michigan) is that the Tart Cherry Crop for the 2012 harvest may be all but non-existent.

This brings us to a rather interesting intersection. On one hand there are thousands, perhaps millions of us relying heavily on Tart Cherry Juice for healthy joint support. While on the other hand, there’s a massive impending shortage in sight.

The answer of course are the more effective CherryFlex Softgels. I’ve been consuming these for many years and although I was a bit reluctant to change over from the Cherry Concentrate, it has truly been the most effective (and noticeable) supplement I’ve ever consumed.

Here are some important factors to take into account when considering CherryFlex;

  • No Sugar – Safe for most any health condition
  • Free Shipping – As of this post in April 2012
  • No Mixing Required – Easy and fast, simply swallow 2 Softgels daily
  • Take Them On The Go – Carry on, Gym bags, ready when you are
  •  Higher Antioxidant Value –  Uses the whole fruit including skins
  • Better Absorption – Paste filled, whole fruit Tart Cherry (not a powder)
  • All Natural Ingredients – No silicon dioxide or magnesium stearate

Alternatively the Tart Cherry Concentrate has a few points to consider as well. Although this product is getting great notoriety and has been used by many of us for years, consider these facts before placing your next order;

  • 15 grams of sugar per serving
  • Shipping costs to your destination
  • Requires daily mixing (if using for health reasons)
  • Not easy for traveling, can be cumbersome
  • Requires refrigeration even before opening

Remember, not all Tart Cherry Concentrate or Tart Cherry Supplements are created equal. At Brownwood Acres, we offer the very highest quality Fruit Juice Concentrates available on the market today. We also offer Certificates of analysis, clinical studies, 6 top quality, cold filled Fruit Juice Concentrates and a full line of bio-available, whole fruit Softgel Supplements.

Do yourself a favor and try just one bottle of our FruitFast CherryFlex Softgels. This way, you’ll have year round access to the benefits of Tart Cherries while greatly reducing your sugar intake and your need for a Tart Cherry Supplement comparison.

To your health,


CherryFlex Softgel Supplement Comparison

CherryFlex Softgel – America’s #1 Selling Paste filled Tart Cherry Supplement

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