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Indiana Man Supports Healthy Joints with CherryFlex Softgels

April 5, 2012 | Posted by admin

CherryFlex Softgels, made with Montmorency tart cherries, can help maintain healthy joints.

Richard Cauldwell of Fortville, Indiana is a busy man. Between working in the broadcasting industry, having just completed his 44th year, and maintaining his 40-acre property in the central part of the Hoosier state, Richard leads an active lifestyle – and prefers to keep it that way.

“It’s almost like having two full-time jobs,” Richard said in a recent conversation with FruitFast, “I have 40 acres with a creek and woods. There’s a lot of moving, tree trimming and other upkeep to stay on top of.”

Though it’s a lot of work, Richard feels that staying active means staying happy and healthy.

“I just enjoy being outside on the property. When you can get outside and work and exercise, it just makes life better.”

When Richard began experiencing discomfort in his joints several years ago, it began to affect his mobility and his ability to perform some basic tasks.

“I was in my late 50s. My wrists were soft and tender and I had a tough time doing certain things with my hands.”

He decided to do some research online to see if he could locate an all-natural product to help manage his discomfort.

“It’s much better to take something natural rather than something man-made,” Richard said. “I’ve always been a big believer in natural things. I’d known for a long time that cherries are good for your joints. Some of my friends had used them.”

Richard’s research told him that there are many misconceptions about joint health.

“I was under the misimpression that certain types of joint pain happened strictly in the feet, but it can show up in fingers, knees and other joints. I’d had trouble with all of these. Sometimes it got so bad I’d have to walk with two canes.”

It was during this initial research that Richard discovered the health benefits of cherries, finding that, while eating healthy is always good, a natural fruit supplement can help maximize the naturally-occurring antioxidants and anthocyanins found in cherries and other “super fruits.”

“You can’t do it just by diet,” Richard said. “My research online told me that I needed to supplement my diet with cherries, ideally tart cherry juice or other health supplement like cherry pills or softgels.”

Richard decided to give CherryFlex Softgels a try. All-natural CherryFlex Softgels are 100% fruit, made with FruitFast’s proprietary process that includes the skin and pulp of the cherry, retaining all of the natural phytonutrients found in Montmorency tart cherries.

“Cherries are very high in antioxidants. Anything natural – softgel capsules, cherry juice concentrates – they’re good for your heart, too, and it’s sure not going to hurt to take something natural. When I started, I followed directions and was taking 2 capsules per day. If I experienced more pain than usual I increased the dosage to 4 per day.”

After using CherryFlex Softgels for nearly 5 years, Richard says the health benefits of cherries have helped him to make daily tasks more manageable – both at work and at home.

” I wish I would have known about this when I was in my 20s. I was an accomplished pianist and had trouble with the joints in my fingers which forced me to stop playing the piano. It even made computer work hard. The CherryFlex capsules have increased finger dexterity enough to at least type on the computer keyboard.”

Richard has made the power of cherries – and CherryFlex Softgels – part of his daily routine, which he believes has helped him to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle.

“I’m a big believer in CherryFlex so I’ve stayed with it. Which would you rather do? Sit around, or take on your normal actvity? CherryFlex helps you manage the pain and gives you much more ability to do the things you want to do.”


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