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CherryFlex Softgels: Delivering the Power of Cherries

July 28, 2011 | Posted by admin
Each CherryFlex Softgel contains the naturally-occuring phytonutrients of approximately 80 cherries.

Each CherryFlex Softgel contains the naturally-occuring phytonutrients of approximately 80 cherries.

If you’re a regular reader of the FruitFast blog, you’re probably aware of the many studies about the health benefits of cherries. Even if this is your first visit, you may already be drinking a serving of tart cherry juice concentrate each morning, adding dried tart cherries to a salad, or using a cherry supplement. Either way, incorporating Montmorency tart cherries into your daily routine is an excellent choice for those interested in healthy lifestyles.

So now that you’ve discovered the health benefits of cherries, how can you maximize those benefits? And what is the most effective method for getting your daily intake?

For thousands of people throughout North America and beyond, the answer to these questions is CherryFlex Softgel Cherry Pills.

CherryFlex is created using a proprietary process that preserves more of the naturally-occurring phytonutrients found in cherries than any other product in existence. The CherryFlex process incorporates the entire fruit, rather than using only the pulp of the fruit as other processes do, which enables CherryFlex to deliver the full complement of anthocyanins, antioxidants and other natural phytochemicals found in the fruit.

CherryFlex Softgels are our most popular product – and perhaps the most effective method, for accessing the natural health benefits found in cherries. Each softgel contains the naturally occurring phytonutrients of approximately 80 Montmorency tart cherries. To receive the same level of antioxidants found in one CherryFlex Softgel cherry tablet, you’d have to drink four 8-ounce glasses of single-strength tart cherry juice.

As a point of comparison, other cherry supplements are produced by simply removing all available moisture from the pulp of the fruit, reducing it to a powder, then filling small capsules with the powder. This process removes many of the natural nutrients along with the moisture, resulting in a cherry pill that offers only a fraction of the phytochemicals found in CherryFlex Softgels.

If you’re an active, health-conscious person looking to take advantage of the natural health benefits of cherries, CherryFlex Softgel cherry tablets offer the highest concentration of natural phytonutrients from this wonderful fruit in a convenient package designed for easy daily intake. In other words, CherryFlex Softgel cherry capsules are the most effective product available for harnessing the “power of cherries.”

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