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Super Fruits Provide Super Health Benefits

August 8, 2010 | Posted by admin

Here it is – August already.   The summer months have been packed in these parts with warm, sometimes hot, temperatures, plenty of outdoor activities, festivals, family and friend outings and visitors.

Janet and I have been on the go, too, traveling around in the CherryFlex Express – better known to us as “the bus.”  We have participated in several parades, been on hand for canoe and bike races, queen events and agricultural gatherings.  And we are not done yet.

While passing out CherryFlex ProSports Shot pouches at a National Cherry Festival bike ride, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that the news about super fruit benefits is spreading.

During our missionary work on behalf of the fruit industry, many of the riders were already aware of the muscle and joint soreness relief that cherries can provide.  They were already making cherry products a regular part of their training regimen.

And though that was welcome news to our gang, in a way I’m not surprised.

The industry’s official website – choosecherries – is focused on promoting the healthful benefits of tart cherry consumption.  Cherry Juice and Cherry Supplement Pills are among the other cherry-based products linked to providing antioxidant health benefits.  There’s even a Red Recovery Routine page provided by the Cherry Marketing Institute to help athletes improve their performance with a smart mix of foods.  Further, a Power Team comprised of a decathlon gold medalist, nationally recognized sports dietitian, and ultra-marathoner, has been formed to add credibility and updates to the use of tart cherries in training routines.

At last, Montmorency cherries are gaining some richly deserved recognition.  The truth is that this Super Fruit has among the highest level of antioxidants, anthocyanins, and phytonutrients, providing the nutrition required by active people.

Don’t be left out – learn more about the health benefits of cherry juice concentrate today.  Visit our website or call toll free 1 877.591.3101 for your cherry fix!

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