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Golf Tip #1 – Red Tart Cherries & Blueberries

June 29, 2010 | Posted by admin

Adding the CherryFlex® ProSport Shots and Blueberry Pill softgels has to be the smartest move I’ve ever made in the long history of my golf swing.

As a past PGA Professional, I would love to ramble on regarding a proper warm up, swing plane, club head acceleration through impact, and adequate complex carbohydrate intake during the entire round.  Although overall, the most important point I can make is the importance of adding both the CherryFlex® and BlueberryIQ® softgel capsules to my pre-shot routine.

Not only have Blueberries been found to help maintain healthy brain function*, they’re also higher in antioxidant levels than most any other fruit in the world. Additionally, the Wild Blueberry has been shown to have almost twice the amount of antioxidants as their larger cousin, the popular cultivated blueberry.  Ask any trained athlete about antioxidants and healthy brain function and they will tell you the combination is a winner.

As for CherryFlex®, word is spreading fast that Red Tart Cherries help promote healthy joint function*.  Due in part, I‘m sure because of an impressive 2008 CherryFlex® study at Winona State University regarding muscle induced doms (muscle exercise fatigue).  The results were well beyond any placebo effect.

If I only knew about the advantages of these bio-available fruit softgel capsules for golf long ago.  Many of us would pay dearly for even a 2 stroke advantage. But – it’s never too late!  As my brother says, I’m older now than I’ve ever been but younger than I’ll ever be so enjoy what you have now and make it better when you can.

So Lads and Lassies my #1 golf tip is:  if you’re feeling that early round stiffness in your hands or joints and you plan to play golf in the near future, you should add CherryFlex® and BlueberryIQ® Blueberry Pills to your pre-game schedule.  Take it from me, you’ll make a freer turn and a-hole-in one!… Well, okay maybe not a hole-in-one but at least you’ll make a better turn, and a proper turn is key to playing good golf.  See you on the links!

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