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FruitFast Cherry Tiramisu

May 4, 2010 | Posted by admin

Love tiramisu — try this simple recipe.

7    oz lady finger cookies

Flavor options: 10 large basil leaves, chopped or 2 oz shaved chocolate or 6 tbsp dark rum

Cherry SyrupCherry Tiramisu pic

FruitFast CherryFlex Liquid Fruit Supplement

2/3     cup tart cherries (canned in syrup)
1/3      cup sugar
1          cup water

Mascarpone Filling
1         cup mascarpone
3/4     cup whipping cream
1/4      cup sweetened condensed milk

Drain the cherries and reserve the syrup.   Place the cherries, sugar and water in a saucepan.  Boil for 8 minutes.  Let sit until it reaches room temperature.   While cooling, mix the cream, milk and mascarpone together until smooth.

Dip the cookies in the syrup for a few seconds each side.
Place a layer of cookies in a 9” x 9” square dish.
Top the cookies with a layer of the mascarpone cream, followed by the cherries taken from the syrup.

Add a layer of one of the flavor options, if desired (add the rum directly to the syrup).
Continue with another layer of dipped cookies and finish by topping with the remaining mascarpone cream.

To serve, place on a decorative dessert plate and drizzle FruitFast CherryFlex Liquid over the top and on the plate.

Garnish with basil leaves (optional)

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