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Study Puts Spotlight on Science and CherryFlex

June 24, 2009 | Posted by admin

Last fall, my business partner, Steve de Tar, and I traveled to Minnesota to the campus of Winona State University.  Our trip had one purpose: to receive the results from a crossover double blind study the schools research division was conducting with our FruitFast product  – CherryFlex.

The aim was to measure the tart cherry softgel’s effects on muscle soreness and strength recovery following strenuous exercise.  To accomplish this, a team of researchers interview, sign up, schedule and instruct participants.  Then they conduct the trials, measure, sample, record and analyze statistics over a period of time from the two groups: one that takes the study product (CherryFlex) and the other that unknowingly takes placebo.

Not surprisingly, we learned that the scientific findings from the cherry supplementation study were positive.  Results showed a decrease in discomfort and faster recovery time from muscle soreness for study subjects taking the regular regimen of CherryFlex.   (click here to view abstract)
Dr. Gary Kastello of the University’s Department of Health, Exercise and Rehabilitative Sciences gave us a tour of the research facility – a comprehensive program and curriculum housed in an impressive new building in the center of the 8,000 student campus.  We met with the University president, research staff and students – a professional and dedicated group committed to science education and discovery.

It ended up being a trip that was enlightening in a number of ways.  I saw firsthand the concentration and integrity exhibited by the scientific community.  And was amazed by their intelligence and deductive reasoning skills.  Their efforts resulted in having the cherry supplementation scientific abstract reviewed, accepted and presented at the American College of Sports Medicine annual meeting in Seattle this past May.

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