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Cherry Juice: Concentrate on This

March 26, 2009 | Posted by admin

What’s all the hullabaloo when it comes to tart cherry juice concentrate and CherryFlex® for health?

Well, this is an easy one. There are many needed antioxidants in a one-ounce serving of Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate. Some antioxidants, such as melatonin, are more available in Montmorency tart cherries, than in any other fruit juice concentrate on the market.  Antioxidants are possibly the most important aspect of any diet.  These microscopic scavengers attack countless threatening and inevitable problems to our health today and should be taken very seriously.

How do I know these Cherry Juice products are so important, where’s the pudding?

Good question. Let’s take a look at a clinical study on CherryFlex® to see what the researchers at Winona State University have found. Please click here: The Effect Of Antioxidant Cherryflex® Supplementation On Exercise Induced Doms, Biomarkers Of Tissue Damage, And Oxidative Stress.

What is the difference between the Cherry pastes in our CherryFlex® products and the tart cherry juice concentrate?

Our CherryFlex® paste is a proprietary product that is currently used in our CherryFlex® Fruit Bars, CherryFlex® Liquid Fruit Supplements and our CherryFlex® Softgel Supplements.  This paste is made from the whole tart cherry fruit (excluding the pit) and includes the all- important skins, where most of the antioxidants abound.  If you look for example at our CherryFlex® Certificate of Analysis, you’ll find a complete list of all the integral health aspects.  No other company in the Cherry industry publishes this type of information.  Hmmm…I find this most interesting.

Is your CherryFlex® or Cherry Juice Concentrate heated?

The lab director at Atlas-BioScience governs and tests all our manufacturing practices, allowing us to keep the antioxidants closely guarded.  All be it expensive, I can assure you this is the only way to guaranteed of true quality.

Our Cherry Juice Concentrate, and all fruit juice concentrates must be pasteurized. At FruitFast, we only flash pasteurize our concentrates using a vacuum type of heat exposure.  This is the mildest form of pasteurization possible.  Take it from me, if you consume too much concentrate on an empty stomach, you’ll fast realize the products are “alive and well.”  In a nutshell, our manufacturing practices far surpass expectations and without question are the key to our success and quite possibly the key to your happiness.

In hopes this helps to answer some of our most commonly heard questions, we encourage you to call for more information – toll free 1-877-591-3101 –  and promise a smiling voice and excellent customer service!

All the best,


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