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Good Luck Olympians!

August 13, 2008 | Posted by admin

With the 2008 Olympic Games underway in Beijing, there is no shortage of entertainment morning and night for sports enthusiasts everywhere. The level of commitment, talent, strength and endurance of athletes from around the world in so many different sporting events – whether it’s swimming, cycling, basketball or track – has all been mesmerizing and amazing.

We have our eyes on two particular Olympians with special ties to Michigan.

courtney.jpgOne is an equestrian medal contender who grew up in Harbor Springs, a small town on the shores of northern Lake Michigan and Little Traverse Bay. Courtney King Dye, 30, fulfilled her life-long dream of competing in the Olympics when she qualified for the US Equestrian Team in June. After years of hard work and dedication, Courtney is competing in the dressage event with her horse, Harmony’s Mythilus. The Olympic equestrian events are taking place in Hong Kong this week, 1,200 miles south of Beijing. Courtney is the youngest rider on the US team and has a long list of awards and medals she’s won.

If you aren’t familiar with dressage, it requires the rider and horse to exhibit incredible control and communication. As I understand it, the rider directs the horse to make set movements, freestyle or to music, as though they were one. The rider’s movements should be barely noticeable which requires years of practice and a real connection between the two.

Just like every sport, competition at this level takes extreme discipline and mental focus, along with talent. According to Courtney’s coach in Harbor Springs where she got her start, she has what it takes – the dream and the passion – to win an Olympic medal and we are cheering her on!

Then there is Michael Phelps, the all-around top medal-winning swimmer who has become a household word with his unbelievable record-breaking performances in Beijing’s Water Cube. Having trained at Club Wolverine in Ann Arbor, Michael’s accomplishments, event-after-event, bring out the best in patriotic pride.

Brownwood Acres/FruitFast congratulates all the athletes worldwide who have reached the pinnacle of their sport — setting the example of determination, hard work and healthy living. It’s the same philosophy we embrace as a leader in our industry.

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