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FruitFast Shipping Is Fast and Easy

June 26, 2008 | Posted by admin

Sometimes we amaze ourselves. There are not many days that go by without
hearing at least once from a customer on our outstanding customer service.
“I just had to write and tell you how incredible it was to receive my
FruitFast Softgels and Bars the very next day!” wrote one customer in an
email. “I couldn’t be more surprised, thankful or pleased.”

We can share that this quick turnaround doesn’t happen by accident or
without careful planning, policies and implementation. After being in the
business of retail sales and fulfillment for four decades, we have had time
to get the kinks out of the system.

And here is what we’ve learned:
FruitFast orders almost always ship the same day if the order is placed by 2
o’clock ET, Monday through Friday. Your order is picked up after 4 pm by
UPS and depending on your location in the continental US, you should receive
your package within a five-day time period at the latest; such as delivery to

To make it even easier, we have a color-coded delivery time map on the
FruitFast/Brownwood Acres website to help you easily compute the shipping
time required. Even residents of Alaska receive their products in four days.
We also offer expedited delivery of one or two-day air when needed.

FruitFast ships a large volume of orders and practice that makes (almost)
perfect. We are here to serve you the very best we can!

Have questions? Give us a call toll free at 1-877-591-3101.

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