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Creating Markets and Saving Farmlands

March 5, 2008 | Posted by admin

The folks who conduct polls are regularly telling us that not everyone likes
their day job. But I do, always have, and here’s why.

I’ve been a cherry farmer and business owner for over 40 years, and am now a
manufacturer of fruit products. It’s my nature to enjoy seeing things grow
and prosper from the ground up, and that’s probably the result of being raised on a working farm.


Sure, some days are better than others. But isn’t that the way of life. For the most part, I look forward to putting in full days that provide
plenty of opportunities for problem-solving and creativity. Add to that interaction with all kinds of people and just plain hard work, and that to my way of thinking leads to a full life. I might also mention that making things and seeing an end product are essential to me. I suppose that’s part of my farm background, too.

Here at FruitFast, we are absolutely certain we are making a difference in
the lives of our customers by providing you with quality fruit products that
help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

One of the neat parts of this business is that we can help the fruit growers
in this country. So whether they’re growing cherries, pomegranate or other
kinds of berries, we think we’re making a difference. By creating and
expanding markets for these commodities, we’re not only ensuring the health
of consumers but also promoting the livelihoods of those who work diligently
to bring us these premium super-fruits. Our growing demand for these fruits
engages a wide circle of people – owners, employees, families – who in turn
contribute to their communities and beyond. It’s all one connected world. And
when you produce products like ours, you manage to touch all corners of it.

Another benefit to this amazing collaboration also deserves mention. When
FruitFast products utilize millions of pounds of fruit yearly, it helps
assure that the farmlands around our country are kept in production rather
than being sold for development. This issue has become a major concern here
in northern Michigan, and in other places that offer unique living like
Maine and Oregon. Preserving these landscapes for farming and conservation
is becoming more critical as the sprawl from our metropolitan areas rapidly
consumes the rural countryside.

Finally, nurturing the process of producing and consuming local fresh fruits
and vegetables is a key component to healthful living. Remember what our
grandmothers preached to us as youngsters? Now more than ever, it’s
important to take care: care of ourselves, our health, our neighbors, our
country and world. And it starts with each one of us.

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