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February Means Cherry Time

February 5, 2008 | Posted by admin

It’s Cherry Month and that means it’s time for good healthy eating and there are plenty of ways to get that great taste – even in the dead of winter. cherries1.jpeg

Obviously, tart and sweet cherries are harvested in July and the first part of August during normal growing seasons and, without a doubt, picking them right off the tree is the best way to enjoy this fresh delectable fruit. Many of the kids in our area, some following in the footsteps of their parents and grandparents, take seasonal summer jobs picking cherries. It makes for long days and hard work, but anyone who spends time in the orchards soon learns to appreciate what goes into farming, the skill it takes, the dependence on Mother Nature, good equipment and good farming and business sense.

So I guess I am glad that the cherries we offer at FruitFast are the best on the market and my part in the process is relatively easy – I can say that most days except Mondays. Choose from five tart cherry products, whether it’s the CherryFlex softgels, Cherry Juice Concentrate, CherryFlex Fruit Supplement Bars, our new Liquid CherryFlex (that’s so tasty when added to beverages or as a topping), or dried cherries, and you can’t go wrong. All are made from premium fruit, are good for you and are available all year round. And we’ll make sure they are delivered right to your door FAST.

Plus we usually have a special of some sort on top of our affordable prices, so give us a call (877-591-3101) or visit the website, www.brownwoodacres.com

Chocolate-covered cherries? Sure, we have them and just in time for your Valentine!

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