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CherryFlex or Cherry Juice: That’s the Question.

January 8, 2008 | Posted by admin

Every day it seems our call volume is growing. And as it does, a large percentage of our callers automatically order our cherry juice concentrate. After we go through the typical details, I always ask if they are aware of the CherryFlex® soft gel supplement. Normally their first question is: What is the difference between the Tart Cherry Concentrate and the CherryFlex®? This may seem like a simple question seeing that they’re both made from tart cherries. One being a cherry concentrate and the other a cherry pill. However, our customers need more information than the average person. After all, there seems to be an overwhelming contingency of intelligent folks coming full circle. Just like our Grandparents and ancestors, we’re returning to nature for a myriad of reasons.

Being guided by your most popular questions, I would like to clear up a few points.

Q: Are the tart cherry supplements as strong as the cherry juice concentrate?

A: The average amount of anthocyanins in 1 ounce of cherry concentrate is between 25 and 30 mg. Our certificate of analysis indicates a much higher value for the CherryFlex® softgel coming in at 112.6 mg – No comparison.

Q: How do you get so many anthocyanins in one tart cherry gel cap?

A: The CherryFlex® is a proprietary process made from the whole cherry, flesh and skins (excluding the pits). Most of us are aware that the majority of antioxidants reside in the skins of fruits and vegetables. As for the cherry concentrate: red tart cherries are warmed and pressed to remove the cherry juice. The Cherry Juice is concentrated to 68° Brix by removing the water. This is the highest concentration of cherry juice available.

Q: How many CherryFlex® softgels do I take a day?

A: The amount of anthocyanins (antioxidants) in the CherryFlex® are about 4 times stronger than the cherry juice concentrate. Our suggested use reads: Take 1-2 soft gels per day. However, I think it is best to start out with 2 tart cherry soft gel supplements for the first 60 count bottle and then make your own assessment.

Q: (The $64,000 question) Does it cost less to use the CherryFlex® or the Cherry Concentrate?

A: At the time of this post, our Cherry juice concentrate retails for $14.95 plus shipping. That’s .46¢ per day. Our CherryFlex® gel cap retails for $21.95 per 60 count bottle plus shipping. At one gel cap per day that’s .36¢.

Q: To CherryFlex® or Cherry Juice: That is the question.

A: If you are still unsure, the question can easily be resolved in one 10 oz container called Liquid CherryFlex® Fruit Supplement. This is actually a combination of the paste from our CherryFlex® soft gel supplement and the original cherry juice concentrate. Take a moment to view the Certificate of Analysis for the Liquid CherryFlex® and notice the anthocyanin level is a whopping 104.8 per teaspoon. This is one awesome product.

Personally, unless I’m looking for a refreshing drink or crisp clean smoothie ingredient, I like to use the CherryFlex® soft gel for my daily supply of tart cherry antioxidants. It cost less, has more antioxidants, has less sugar, and it uses the whole fruit. Using the whole of all things – be it fruit, wheat or food in general, appears to be the key concept with which many of us are reconnecting. Lets face it, good health and the golden years are something we all deserve! After all, these are the good old days.


To keep things simple (too late!), if your trying to decide between our CherryFlex® soft gel or our cherry juice concentrate, remember my 3E motto: experiment, experiment, experiment. This is the only way to find out what is best for you. Yes, we now sell more of the CherryFlex® than the original cherry juice concentrate but it is truly up to you to decide. Ultimately your health is in your hands. Let us seek out more companies like FruitFast that have the integrity to provide products that simply – leave nature alone. FruitFast.com – pure fruit – year round – fast.

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