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Dried Cherries From FruitFast®

April 9, 2013 | Posted by admin

What is it about the Dried Tart Cherries from Brownwood Acres/FruitFast that makes them so special? Unlike raisins, these healthy ruby red gems are loaded with flavor and gifted with a healthy dose of antioxidants.

In Northern Michigan, a fresh salad topped with feta cheese and delicious  Dried Cherries is the norm these days and you’ll be hard pressed to find a restaurant in the region that doesn’t offer one.

Dried Cherries from FruitFast

Another delicious Dried Cherry Salad








Brownwood Acres / FruitFast now offers a few different options for Premium Dried Fruit. Whether you’re looking for a healthy no sugar added Montmorency Dried Cherry, a lightly sweetened Montmorency Dried Cherry, a lightly sweetened Dried Cranberry (one of my favorites) or, a lightly sweetened Dried Wild Blueberry  Brownwood Acres will deliver your Fruit… Fast!

While exploring these delicious Dried Fruits, be sure to check out the Dried Fruit testimonials direct from customers like you by clicking here: Dried Fruit Testimonials.

So take a step on the wild side and try the Dried Cherries from http://www.brownwoodacres.com/ to pep up your next dinner salad.  It’s sure to have your guests inquiring about your special addition and once you give them a try, you’ll be hooked forever!

Dried Cherry Salad Recipe:

2 – Small heads of romaine lettuce

1/4 Cup of walnuts

1/4 Cup feta cheese

1/4 Cup First pressed, virgin olive oil

1/4 Cup Brownwood Dried Cherries

Add a pinch of Pink Himalayan salt & fresh ground pepper and voilá ~

Bon Appétit!



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