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Florida Pharmacist Recommends Pomegranate Softgels for Digestive Health

February 9, 2012 | Posted by admin

FruitFast Pomegranate Softgels

Pharmacist, Cal Patel, RPH, is a long-time believer in the power of pomegranates. In Cal’s native India, pomegranate seeds mixed with yogurt and spiced with nutmeg are a very popular dish. In fact, this combination is eaten by many for more than just its delicious taste.

“People in India often take advantage of the health benefits of pomegranates – specifically for help with digestive irregularity,” said Patel. “As people get older, their digestive process slows down, and many people use pomegranates to help maintain a healthy digestive system.”

While in India, Patel worked for a pharmaceutical company as a production manager, overseeing the production of capsules and tablets.

“It was interesting to learn about the effectiveness of gel-based capsules,” Patel said. “The solubility of gel caps is faster than tablets that use a powder base, so the benefits are delivered to the body faster.”

Patel relocated to Florida 12 years ago, eventually acquiring an Apothecary Shop in Lake Wales, near Orlando. As a practicing pharmacist, Patel suggested pomegranates to customers looking for a natural way to maintain digestive health based on his experience with the fruit in India.

As more customers became interested, Patel decided to look for a natural product that offered his customers access to the health benefits of pomegranates all year long. With his knowledge of gel-based capsules, Patel wondered if pomegranate pills could be found online. He did a quick Web search for “pomegranate fruit gel caps,” which led him to FruitFast.

“Pomegranates are seasonal and are not available year round,” said Patel. “When I found FruitFast Pomegranate Softgels online, I ordered two bottles to give them a try.”

Patel began taking one FruitFast Pomegranate capsule each morning before breakfast, and was happy with the results.

“I found that the FruitFast softgel tablets worked very well, so I began recommending them to my customers,” Patel said. “I now have a number of customers who use them regularly. In fact, I still take one every day myself during the winter months.”

Want to experience the health benefits of pomegranates for yourself? From Wonderful Pomegranate Juice Concentrate to our Pomegranate Softgels, Liquid Supplement, and Fruit Bars, FruitFast offers several ways to take advantage of the power of pomegranates.

Are you already enjoying pomegranates as a part of your healthy lifestyle? Tell us how in the comments!

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