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Reach for the CherryFlex

September 17, 2010 | Posted by admin

Promoting healthy living is the mantra we live by here at Brownwood Acres/ FruitFast.  We are committed to helping our customers live better, more productive lives with help from FruitFast ‘s super fruit products.

CF gels tennis

No matter what your exercise level might be – minimally active or not at all, only once or twice a week, or if you are a seasoned athlete –  proper diet and regular exercise are key.

Exercise often brings side effects.  With an increase in activity comes muscle fatigue – a common response to accelerated activity that stresses muscles, according to Winona State University researcher, Dr. Gary  Kastello.

Having studied CherryFlex  in clinical trials for its oxidative stress and C-reactive protein, Dr. Kastello’s double blind cross-over research has shown that CherryFlex ingestion significantly alters muscle soreness.


Next time you over do it on the basketball court, raked a few too many leaves, were on your feet all day long or were behind the wheel on a long distance haul  – think CherryFlex to help Speed Relief from Muscle Fatigue*.   Choose from CherryFlex CherryFlex Capsules, CherryFlex Liquid or the new extra strength version, CherryFlex ProSport Shots.

It’s the only product of its kind anywhere that ‘s made from the whole fruit, reducing red tart cherries to a paste to preserve the antioxidants found in the super fruit’s skin and pulp.

CherryFlex is the original, non-powder product that works!

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