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CherryFlex: The Newest Gel on the Block

July 16, 2010 | Posted by admin

Gels really are not new, in fact, they have been around for awhile.

We use it in our hair.

We use it in our food.

We use it in our tool chests.

And sometimes to promote a ‘performance best….’

3 pouches

There’s just something that smacks of a comfortable ritual when tearing off the tab of a cute CherryFlex ProSports Shot pouch, and havin’ a go at the yummy cherry gel paste inside.  Aside from the fact it’s a superb way of consuming 5 grams of antioxidants found in tart cherry paste, perhaps the ritual aspect of the process harkens to the kid in all of us?

Some might remember when the coming of spring meant the appearance of Lick-a-Maid packets at the corner grocery store.  It came in small envelopes that were easy for school kids to smuggle into the classroom.  It was like Kool-Aid, but you just poured the crystals into your mouth.  Grape, cherry, lime, lemon, orange.  The telltale colored tongues of users were easy targets for classroom disciplinarians.  But those powder packets were as much a coming of spring as playing a pick-up game of baseball in the neighborhood sandlot.

Yep, Bobby Sue, those were the days.

Now there’s ProSports Shots.  They’re actually fun and easy to take.  They taste great and they are good for you.

And not unlike the Lick-a-Maid packets of the 50’s, there’s just something about those cute CherryFlex pouches, the tear away tab, and consuming the invigorating taste of tart cherry paste that’s habit-forming.

So join the fun…or as one of our growing legion of ProSports Shot users says:  “Firing one back!!!”

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