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It’s the Life in Your Years That Counts

November 8, 2007 | Posted by admin

Last week the national news displayed something interesting for a change. At a small airport in Bangor Maine, the local residents gathered again to greet our soldiers returning from active duty overseas. To me the kind smiles on the soldiers faces serve as a lesson. If they can smile after what they go through, then we must be able to get through our days without complaining. These fine residents are making healthy decisions and sacrifices. After all, being positive is a healthy choice but not necessarily an easy one.

Ken’s Boy

One of the important lessons we teach our son Thomas (pictured above) is to make healthy choices. He’s at that so called “why” age. So we’re constantly urging him to do positive things, as opposed to telling him what not to do. As a past PGA golf professional I’ve always found that when I would apply this same theory when teaching, their hooks or slices would be automatically corrected. The same principle holds true in making healthy food choices to help maintain healthy bodies.

In fact, we see to it that Tommy gets a minimum of 140mg of anthocyanins and a fair amount of raw live food every single day. That is at least 1-CherryFlex and 1-Blueberry IQ soft gel. Whether or not the studies on Blueberries and coordination are true, blueberries certainly can’t hurt. Healthy antioxidants are lean mean fighting machines that could be the key to a healthy immune system.

Speaking of raw live food, here’s my latest favorite recipe, sprinkle a teaspoon of pomegranate liquid supplement from brownwoodacres.com over a fresh salad with balsamic vinaigrette, dried cherries and feta cheese – now that my friend is living. In fact, if you have a good recipe that you would like to share, send it over to ken@fruitfast.com and we’ll post it on the website.

Adding raw food to your diet and life to your years is a healthy combination, hopefully one of which you too will make. Ok, maybe it won‘t necessarily add years to your life, but you will certainly live better by adding life to your years.

To your health,


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I bow down humbly in the pserence of such greatness.

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Thank you Denim!

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